Team building programs



The Cossack Kurin (group), that was in the voyage all year round, arrived at a new place of disposition. Here it will need to prepare for an important campaign against the enemy. During a long voyage, many Cossacks were lost in heavy battles, and the Cossack Kurin would need to form a small unit from the newly arrived Cossacks, to arrange the units and to be ready for the fight. The location is in a friendly Carpathian detachment base, Cossacks of which allowed the short-term staying of the Kurin for their military engagement and deployment to the place of enemy settlements.

All the elements are connected for the general-purpose – to create a real Cossack Kurin – participants need to get the main Cossack attributes – a coordinated Cossack unit; to identify the Supreme Ataman of the Kurin and to get the Cossack flag – a crown (a special flag with a company logo) and a Cossack Kumpania – a special brand mug with a company logo. After passing tests, the newly selected cossacks are invited to the location of the carriage where they will have a meal: a special dish called bograch in the big boiling pot, fried pig’s “cheeks” on the fire and a barrel of tasty Cossack beer.
Coordinated Cossack unit: during the active phase the participants take part in various competitions, after which they will receive a special certificate from the Supreme Ataman – for the successful solving of the tasks.
Commanding of the Kuren: during the treatment of the Cossack senior officer (leader), we will announce the creation of a new Cossack group and the appointment of OTAMAN (the head of the company will change into the Cossack uniform and receive the ataman mace).
The Cossack flag:  the crown – will be solemnly issued by the Cossacks in the joint “assembly”.
The Cossack Kumpania (mugs) will be made and handed to the Cossack detachment, from which the Cossacks will drink a joint glass for friendly Cossack relations, and thus they will begin the festive feast.


It is a complex of intellectual, sports-entertaining and fun tasks that do not require special physical strength. They are conducted in the form of an original game with elements of team training. In addition to teamwork, these programs also have original entertainment. The company is welcomed by the arrival of leading and musical support, then everyone is being divided into teams, the team captains are selected from team members, also team differentials are distributed to the members, and the solemn firing of the Olympic flame begins: the head entertainer with the musical accompaniment lights up the main bowl of the Olympic flame from which all the participants (captains) lit their torches and pass to selected venues for the competition.

In general, three main platforms, the Olympic venues, will be deployed: Air, Earth, and Water. The main principles of the game: three teams on the site are going through the prepared tasks, after passing each competition team will be certified by getting a particle from the overall design with the name of the company that will be needed to be assembled by the entire team in the final. As soon as the teams collect a big “puzzle” with the name of the company – the game is over!
In addition, on each side will be selected the best of the performers. In the final, the results of all the matches will be calculated and chosen as a winner who will be awarded medals and diplomas.
After passing one site, on the signal of the lead, the teams move to the next and so on, after passing all the elements of the competition teams are going to the central playground for a joint photo.


Nothing unites people as much as communicating with nature, especially in extreme conditions. The ability of the team to come out of difficult situations, to show mutual help, ability to think soberly – those are some of the qualities that players will need to win the game.
“Chest with adrenaline” is a scenic quest game with elements of extreme tourism. The event takes place in the mountains of the Carpathians in the open air. All points of the game are connected with the general plot, they must be fulfilled, performing certain command tasks at each game site, while earning bonuses. Bonuses will be required for the team to complete the final task – opening the “box”.

Participants are divided into teams, define their own attributes of a team – choosing the captain and the team name, then start the task.
Each of the teams moves separately, on a specially prepared route. During the movement, the teams do not see each other and meet only at the final point. The route consists of finding a special place, performing a task at the checkpoint, and moving to the next task.
All tasks on the routes are the same for each team. An animator moves with the team keeps track of the correctness of the tasks and controls the security during the game.
There are two types of tasks on the route: elements of the rope games (low and middle rope challenges) with teamwork and intelligent tasks.
Passing the entire route requires some physical strength, as the main task of the team is to come to the finish as soon as possible.