Celebrating New Year corporate

Hard to imagine someone who does not love a celebration of New Year. It’s an incredible feast of joy, every man secretly expects that in the new year come true of its most cherished dreams, aspirations and desires! And so the celebration of New Year’s corporate in a close circle of colleagues – staff – a great way to rally the team and make it more friendly and open – big family!

For the celebration of the Corporate New Year should be treated seriously and with responsibility and better, in our view, it can be done by professionals.

Agency Team Persona Grata – a well-coordinated team of professionals who have the necessary experience and ability to organize events of any size New Year.

 Our team will offer an unforgettable start the New Year –

year of new achievements and fulfillment of dreams!

Creation of corporate Christmas – it has its own peculiar philosophy of event management. Subject celebration is so diverse that it is not enough to list one page. It may be a theme party at the restaurant, it may be “open air” in the mountains of the Carpathian Mountains, a popular stance now a corporate travel to other parts of the country and sometimes beyond, to share the celebration of New Year. But in any case – no evening program is not enough.

We share a New Year’s evening programs into two categories: standard and exclusive:

corporate new year

“New Year’s Olivier” – the general name of the standard programs – Olivier – one of the dishes that people have no doubt associated with the New Year. As in this salad, the mixed components, and we offer a mix of our holiday Olivier dances and songs, humor and parody, exotic and magic shows, extreme sports, and much more… Everyone will be able to choose themselves what to him by “taste”. The sea of energy and good mood, lots of interesting drawings and contests. Continuous dance marathon, fun games and fun, interesting scenes and speeches, the “national” Christmas fun and a lot more, and  the culmination  with a major gift – a large corporate cake.

Here are a few options for special (exclusive) programs:

Corporate Christmas Party

Hollywood – party

– an exquisite stylized dance in the spirit of the annual film awards.

The style of the event: pathetic – shocking

The idea: a video prepared in advance – to film parts of the company on a certain topic with employees. After that the installation of mini-films and their preparation for the show at the party. The event represented all made short films for the evaluation and awarding. All elements of the well-known presentations and awards are sustained: artistic photo shoot for the arrivals, red carpet, the elements of pyrotechnics, music and lots of delicious surprises.

Incendiary Dance by dance group precedes is the beginning of intense ceremony. Party are two professional facilitators. Each nomination to be applied to the consideration announces pop singer or group of performers who are invited to a party. Festive and inspirational events is achieved by a stylized design, elegant dresses and colorful present singers. But at the same time there is an element of entertainment – between the announcement of the “serious” nominations, conducted demonstration video with fun categories. Yet the “red line” across the party felt the spirit of Christmas, New Year’s feelings and as a culmination of Santa Claus with the wishes and gifts!

Corporate New Year's Party

 Remix – party on the TV show Ukraine has a talent

The style of the event: Entertainment – free.

The idea of the event: Provide an opportunity for employees to feel like a big family in which each has its place and everyone – it’s personality, but at the same time provide an opportunity for fun and have fun, relax in the friendly company.

The scenario is built on a plot of the party TV show – “Ukraine has a talent,” but specifically designed for this group. The structure of events is as follows: during the party guests are well-known television shows and are members of special competitions. Competitions will be held throughout the party, leading to invite participants, and will vote all of the guests fun. Periodically, participants will be performing the actual – finalists of the “Ukraine has talent”

New Year carnival
“New Year’s parade of stars”

The style of the event: Entertaining – club.

The idea of the event: During the party, to minimize the workload of contests and games, and guests to focus on the elements of contemplation (the show program) and the dance breaks.

A brief description of the scenario: your attention and a great sea power of the New Year mood, an almost complete absence of competition, but the program is full of interesting elements of the show and home from leading blanks. Continuous dance marathon, interesting scenes and speeches, the “national” Christmas fun. The final event – Traditional –  with gifts and greetings.

Hawaiian party
“New Year’s in Hawaii”

The style of the event: Entertainment party.

The idea of the event: The party is held in one of the pools. Styling a beach party on the beach – chairs, tables, beds. Dress – code – shorts, T-shirts, beach shoes. Continuous “Hawaiian” fun, the barman show …


Christmas party
Party in the village

The style of the event: a party in the Ukrainian national traditions.

The idea of the event: It has long been associated with Vechornitsy party (old Ukrainian party style) definitely fun, evening bachelor singing, games and leisure … This element of the Ukrainian rite, according to which the Ukrainians rest from the heavy, tired of the day and come together for dialogue, rapprochement, dating, and cognition. While this was hardly the only way to “molodetsky” rest. Here we try to embody the spirit of vechornitsy at this event. During the party, we take a brief tour of the Ukrainian winter traditions – from Andrew tour to Vasily… A small mix of interesting Ukrainian winter entertainment traditions reformatted slightly for the present. Vechornitsy always embodied in itself active, cheerful, and sometimes spicy holiday with singing, dancing, contests and sweepstakes. At the conclusion of the event – a raffle.

Cossack partyCossack camp

The style of the event: a party in the national Ukrainian traditions.

The idea: In the campaign returned the Cossack hut and came to the place of permanent deployment – in the Cossack camp. Due to this significant event is assigned a solemn meeting and prepared a festive meal.

The Cossacks are coming to the music of Ukrainian musicians. Guards is at the entrance (two peaks with the Cossacks check arrivals and welcome to the main hall). Played a solemn march, the leading (Cossack) congratulates on victory and invites to the Cossack circle. When all lined up, Petty meets the head (at the time of his entourage dressed in Cossack and cap), and requests permission to begin the celebration. Head of permits. The foreman asked permission to make the hall Kurennoy standard (flag), and again seek the approval of the head. Kozak (Cossack march under) enters the room Kurennoy standard (company logo is designed as a Cossack Standarte). After this, the leading requests permission to begin the celebration of the return of the Head of the great and glorious campaign, which lasted a whole year. The head can and will wear two Cossacks, oak barrels. Then the host asks for permission from the head-Hetman invite the society to the table…