Magic of wedding dance

перший танець молодят

On each wedding comes this exciting moment when the couple first enters the door as a family, not just a guy with a girl. Everyone wants to remember these few minutes of life, when a brave man takes a gentle hand of a woman, crieths magical sounds of the first dance and starting a real maelstrom of feelings shown in the movements.

wedding dancewedding first dance

Nowadays more and more couples prefer so-called dance show, and why not? You will not just dance but also entertain the audience with interesting performance and invite everyone to dance. Your show can be concluded in an interesting setting, and you can use special effects or invite bridesmaids to collective dance

wedding ance newlywedsfirst dance

Another interesting thing is the variety of dance tracks. All couples who dance their first dance is very different and they their love is manifested in different ways, someone has gentle and graceful feeling as a waltz, someone passionate and extravagant as the tango, one shows their feelings very passionate as a dance rumba, for someone it is a fun and playful sense like rock n roll ….

It goes on too long but the essence means only one – feelings are so many as dances, so following some traditions are not necessarily because your love is as unique as every movement in dance.

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