Features of wedding menus. The original design of the banquet menu


оригінальне оформлення банкетного меню

Today, our topic is devoted to the peculiarities of the wedding menu. We give you some tips on how to turn your wedding into an exquisite celebration, not just another meal time.


Tip №1

your banquet dishes should be interesting

Nobody expects that you will serve foie gras or truffles, to impress your guests with dishes it’s not necessary for them to cost a fortune. It can be easy meals that you enjoy on a happy Saturday night, but if you design everything with a taste, they can become a sensation. Be sure to discuss the issue with chief cook about design of the dishes. As you can imagine even the most delicious dishes presented as something not special will not cause appetite of guests. So if possible choose interestingly decorated dishes.

цікава подача їжі на весіллі

Tip №2

If you want to save on, do it with the amount of food, but not with a design

Note that if you have ever been on any wedding, it could always observe the situation at the end of the wedding event half of the meal if not most of it remains on the table, although it was quite tasty cooked. The question is: “Why?” There is a simple answer, guests are not able to eat the amount of food you order. Although almost every restaurant manager will convince you that each person must count to 2 kg of food. Can you even imagine how much it is?? To me this is madness! As for me, the best option – a buffet area with interesting and small snacks to choose from and a certain number of meals served to each guest at the table. If you really want you can even put some snacks on the table to choose from, but not all of them pledging table. It is better to pay more attention to design of banquet tables. Put a good composition with small flowers or fruit, candles, pebbles. Arrange on tables decorated interesting menu for guests to get acquainted with the food that will be submitted. Pay attention to each guest, leaving in its place a small presents. So you will not only save on the feast, but also make it aesthetically appealing to your guests to be comfortable and pleasant to sit at the tables at your wedding.

оформлення банкетногостолу на весілляоформлення столу на весілля

Tip №3

Make sweet and cocktail tables

Not all guests can wait for the cake cutting ceremony, for them and for the sweet tooth you can make an original sweet table. You can put there your favorite cookies, small cakes, cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea, what you love to feast on and the wish to surprise your guests with. It’s so nice to take a break with a dessert cake and a cup of coffee and enjoy them with friends.

As for the cocktail tables, it is one of the ways to save and entertain your guests, you need to come to this creatively. Choose, for example 2 kinds of cocktails, one from a bride, one from a groom, make good tablets with descriptions of their recipe, you can illustrate it and put together a set of components so that each guest could feel bartender and pamper himself with a delicious cocktail. Alternatively, you can make a bar for children from non-alcoholic cocktails. Also do not forget to choose simple cocktails that are quick and easy to prepare.

коктельний столик на весіллясолодкий стіл на весіллі

So the main idea is not to turn your wedding into eating huge amounts of food ceremony, but to make an interesting and funny event.