Adventure programs



The event was constructed as a remix to the popular TV program “The Last Hero”.
The group is divided into tribes, all tribes need to move to the place of the alloy, using the requisition given them “to take the look at the true tribe life”, to come up with a name, to choose a leader, to come up with a military cry and other.
Upon arrival at the start of the alloy, the tribes get boats to travel to the scene of adventure and begin to search for a dreamland!
During the water, trip teams need to complete the task of collecting gifts to please the leader of local aborigines and create a part of a common totem pillar to obtain consent from the aboriginal tribal shaman.
At the finish, teams are waiting for the local aborigines and then our “heroes” need to go through a series of “difficult tests” to get a residence permit.

The program is designed for two days staying overnight in tents under the Dniester Canyon.
The group starts the “open air” by getting on a bus in Lviv and moves to the starting point – the settlement Khmelev, Ivano-Frankivskyy region. Upon arrival to the starting point, the group receives inflatable rafts for each team, safety equipment and goes through training.
The route will run as follows: sailing on the inflatable boats from the start point on the Dniester Canyon, there will be one stop for a trip to the Dzhurinsk waterfall, overnight will be under the canyon in the tents, the next day continue to move according to our map, later there will be an excursion to the Verteba cave, after that a lunch surrounded by the beautiful nature in the open air in a specially deployed meal point and a return to Lviv.
During the stay, the group is provided with security equipment and meals. The group is accompanied by instructors and animators who will organize entertainment according to the script, the teams will conduct “survival lessons” under the control of “local aborigines”.


There is an assumption that on the other side of the ocean there is an unknown land. Throughout history, humanity has searched for this land, as according to the ancient manuscripts, it is the land of eternal joy and happiness.
A large expedition has gathered on a long voyage to search for an unknown land. After many weeks of wandering along the ocean on the horizon appears a sight of land. The team threw an anchor, and the sea trooper landed on a shore. It was the whole continent. But while landing on the shore they met local aborigines … All of our brave team was captured by an unknown tribe. To help the Aborigines to understand that they came with a peaceful mission the company needs to pass through a series of tests and exams – only in case of successfully passing all of the tests that were additionally created for the aborigines, when they were preparing for fights with the enemy tribes, the group will be allowed to taste “all joys of life” on the mainland.

The group starts a weekend by getting on a bus in Lviv and moves to the starting point – the village of Petrov. Upon arrival, the group receives swimming facilities (inflatable rafts for each team), safety equipment, goes through training and starts the trip. The participants float along the Dniester River at a calm pace and admire the landscapes during the way. There will be one stop to have some rest. The alloy time is 3-4 hours.
At the finish in the area of the settlement of Isakov, our catering is waiting. The host and his team meet our teams at the campsite: a picnic area, an area of active games and a disco area are organized. The second part of the weekend begins with a calm rest. At the end of the picnic, the group will board the bus and leave back to Lviv.