Studio of Perfect wedding

Weddings – is that the one unique moment, which must remain in your memory as an emotional, exquisite, and really wonderful holiday forever. And its organization is such an important and difficult work, which needs to be trusted not to just professionals, but to the best of the best ones.

It’s not our first year at the wedding market, so we understand that wedding organization, and especially the organization of the perfect wedding is a laborious task. There are too many little things to be taken into consideration, chosen, examined, and re-examined, a lot of things to approve, order, and control. That’s why Persona Grata Agency provides its clients with a full range of wedding services. Our agency values its reputation, therefore we work only with reliable partners. We offer only the best sites for wedding banquets, hire highly skilled professionals, provide a rigorous selection and vouch for all intermediaries we work with while wedding organization.

We would not only create a concept of your wedding celebration and develop its style but also we would help you with all organizational issues. And on your wedding day, we would always be there, next to you, ready to help at any moment.

The scope of services provided by the agency Persona Grata is difficult to be fitted into the framework of the standard list: the number of contractors involved in the wedding implementation can amount to tens. Below we list some of the basic services that you can order by us: