Design and floristry

design and floristry Each couple, imagining their wedding, dreams it to be incredibly beautiful. That is the design and floristry make it like.

This is the decoration, which highlights the chosen style, your personality and uniqueness of your wedding. Decor will harmonize all guests with the total wave and create a specific mood, peculiar only to this day.

Your wedding day should be indeed memorable, everything should be in harmony with the mood of celebration, should create it: each inclusion of color, each flavor and every detail of the interior. To achieve this, you need to contact us, to professionals. Contrary to widespread belief, good design is not always expensive. Everything can be done with taste and budget savings. In most cases, aesthetic minimalism in interior decoration pleases and inspires more than scattered everywhere tasteless expensive décor. Why would you waste your money? Experts of Persona Grata Agency will make an individual offer on your holiday decoration and allocate efficiently the provided budget, suggest on what you can actually save and give helpful advices for you not to make mistakes at decorating the space.

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