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When the question of holiday event organization appears, we always want to arrange it in the best way, with the highest quality! We want to leave bright impressions of event, the delight and pleasure feelings from the holiday.

Any event - а business meeting or a corporate “open air”, a wedding or a birthday party – from the one side it's a bright event in our life and from the other - it brings us a lot of troubles of the organization.

That is why we propose professionals to organize everything. Only professionals will help you to create from tiresome details the unforgettable and joyful moments of your important event!

We recommend to make a modern and right choice -apply to the real professionals of the Event - agency "Persona Grata"!

Our company will take into account all your wishes and develop a unique scenario, implement any of your desires in vivid reality and most importantly we will help you to relax and have fun! Any idea, any original scenario can be realized completely only by the experienced professionals!

The agency conducts a full range of services for developing, organizing and conducting various celebrations for companies and private individuals. It develops and organizes a program of corporate management events: conferences, business meetings, themed celebrations, parties, corporate outings, activities with elements of "team building", cognitive and recreation programs, organizes private celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, children's birthdays, appointments graduates. Also the agency provides a full range of incentive trips.

Along with this we offer: organization of a walking routs, religious trips, Ukrainian cuisine programs, interesting sightseeing components, special entertainment, holiday dinners and creative events, providing leisure safety of participants.

"Desirable person" - any person who appeals to us - is very important and desirable for us in all cases.


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Emotionally tour photo-quest “Six artifacts of the Lion city”

Emotionally tour photo-quest "Six artifacts of the Lion city"

What beckons city Lviv? What is its uniqueness and originality? Throughout history, those who were born, lived or visited Lviv wants to come back again. Even thoughts – again to love, admire them, leave unforgettable impressions and emotions! And everyone wants to reveal its mystery. Residents and guests of the city have always been interested in one question – why he has such a charm[...]

Adventure Game “Finding New Land”

Adventure Game "Finding New Land"

There is speculation that on the other side of the ocean is unexplored land. Throughout its history mankind has sought it since the ancient manuscripts is a land of eternal joy and happiness. Anyone who finds this region will forget about all the problems and will get a happy and carefree life! But many centuries have passed, and so no one could find land.  All the brave men who organized e[...]

Corporate program support and maintenance of business events

Corporate program support and maintenance of business events

We know how to improve your event! Small entertaining elements that dilute rich conference program is always relevant, because help to improve the atmosphere and General spirit. As we know, positive emotions and the change of activity only increase the measure of concentration of attention, so all will actively participate in various "handling" events and no one will remain indifferent to your [...]

Quest “What Lions are silent?”

Quest "What Lions are silent?"

Throughout existence, a symbol of respect and devotion to the city was a lion. No wonder Leo is associated in the world with the Royal person among animals, and in Lviv: all the sights from time immemorial "guarded" lions. There is a legend that all of these lions, and stone, and metal, and two-headed and the wings symbolize some people, prominent figures who have made а great contributions t[...]

(Українська) Програми корпоративного літнього відпочинку – 2016
(Українська) Програми корпоративного літнього відпочинку – 2016