Concept programs


We offer individually created or ready-made story programs with elements of team building. Each of the projects can be changed depending on the client’s wishes: adjusting for the location, compliance with the conditions of corporate ethics, for the required number of participants, and adjusting the budget depending on the change in the components of the project.


It is a complex of intellectual, sports-entertaining, and fun tasks that do not require special physical strength. They are conducted in the form of an original game with elements of team training. In addition to teamwork, these programs also have original entertainment. The company is welcomed by the arrival of leading and musical support, then everyone is being divided into teams, the team captains are selected from team members, and the solemn firing of the Olympic flame begins.


Cossack Kurin (team), who had been on a long campaign for a whole year, lost many of his brothers in heavy battles. In order to prepare for an important new campaign against the enemy, he will need to form a few groups from the arrivals, organize teams, and be ready for the march. For military training, the base of a friendly Galician detachment, the Svirzh Castle, was chosen.
To create a real Cossack Kurin, participants need to get the main Cossack attributes – a coordinated Cossack unit; to identify the Supreme Ataman of the Kurin and to get the Cossack flag and a Cossack Kumpania – a special brand mug with a company logo. After passing tests, the newly selected cossacks are invited to the location of the carriage where they will have a tasty meal.


Popular nowadays topic of cook master classes received its continuation in the corporate “open-air”.
To your attention an interesting and exciting game on nature – the search and preparation of Ukrainian fish soup. As well as incorporate life in this game also there are clearly assigned roles for the final task: there is a team of fishermen who have to catch fish, there is a team of searchers who should find all the ingredients needed to prepare the soup and a team of chefs that will prepare a tasty fish soup and will treat everyone who wants to try it. And all this is under the guidance of referees, animators, and masters of cooking, which will determine the best one at each stage.


Nothing unites people as much as communicating with nature, especially in extreme conditions. The ability of the team to come out of difficult situations, to show mutual help, ability to think soberly – those are some of the qualities that players will need to win the game. This is a scenic quest game with elements of extreme tourism. The event takes place in the mountains of the Carpathians in the open air. All points of the game are connected with the general plot, they must be fulfilled, performing certain command tasks at each game site, while earning bonuses. Bonuses will be required for the team to complete the final task – opening the “box”


The event was constructed as a remix to the popular TV program “The Last Hero”.
The group is divided into tribes, all tribes need to move to the place of the alloy, using the requisition given them “to take the look at the true tribe life”, to come up with a name, to choose a leader, to come up with a military cry and other.
Upon arrival at the start of the alloy, the tribes get boats to travel to the scene of adventure and begin to search for a dreamland!