(Українська) Програми й пропозиції Новорічних святкувань

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Оffice team building games


Adventure Game “Finding New Land”

There is speculation that on the other side of the ocean is unexplored land. Throughout its history mankind has sought it since the ancient manuscripts is...

Carpathian exotics – a mountain tram!

Adventure trip on Weekend! Do You remember the last time you experienced in the luxury of a leisurely trip on the tram? It's an incredible...

Winter 2016-2017

Quest “What Lions are silent?”

Throughout existence, a symbol of respect and devotion to the city was a lion. No wonder Leo is associated in the world with the Royal...
крізь віки до печерних людей

Through the ages to the cavemen

Winter is coming to an end, it is time to think of new, fresh and exciting experience! If you have the desire to actively...

Winter corporate events 2015


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