Еntertainment photo-quest «Hangover in Lemberg»


We all watched the movie “the Hangover”, but even those who have not watched, will agree with us that any significant event in our lives we try to capture on camera. Perhaps you’ll forget some bright moments, but photos can remind you of them. Photo you can always show your friends and relatives. Photo most vividly illustrate the solemnity of the moment, respectively, than turned out better pictures, the better was the event. 

As you known, in the old city Lviv (Lemberg – the name of the city during the headstock Austria) every self-respecting Kneipp (restaurant in Lviv accent) tried to differ r from each other, come up with an unusual recipes, if only to attract the attention of visitors, if only to play on the EMOTIONS of people and make more money. Here we’ll try to combine incompatible: find the most effective historical elements of the city, to get pleasure from the prepared small gifts from Kneipp of Lviv and  EXPRESS THE MOST UNEXPECTED EMOTIONS!