”Fort Boyard” Quest: ghost hunters after black Molfar


I want to tell you about an interesting and rather complex project that fell in our life: it was necessary to create an active evening program in the style of “Fort – buayard” for top management of the company SYNGENTA that were in the business conference Radisson Blu hotel complex in Bukovel.

Квест Мисливці за пивидом Чорного Мольфара

The complexity was that it was necessary to create a program for a short time, never visited before the place where the game will take place, but also in addition this game should take only four hours and by itself it should be interesting and eventful.

First of all it was necessary to come up with the plot – a typical game «fort – buayard” but in its new interpretation.
That’s what we got:
There are legends of ancient times, and there are quite fresh, but no less mysterious and unusual. They say that on the  place of this hotel long time ago there was a house where molfar lived. According to local legend, there are good and evil Molfars. This molfar was special – it was good and bad at the same time. He had interesting hobby – he loved to joke and organize various jokes, interesting guessing riddles. For a long time at the site of the hotel, no one could build no houses, as well as the spirit of the old molfar constantly was present there and “abused” over the people: he hide building tools, or close person in a room and not let him go … There is an old legend – old molfar said long ago: if there is a person or a few people who agree to solve all his mysteries and endure all his “bullying” then they will get from molfar huge gift, and the molfar can rest peacefully and no longer joke around with a poor people.

That game took place on the premises of the hotel complex, perhaps it was also interesting to contemplate as guests how animators run around with aunts and uncles, adults and amuse themselves with various games.

Luckily, the game is a success, the group started it with “Hurrah!” and sincerely with persistence amused in all competitions appearing on their way to go and confidently covenant treasure.

Shocking, in a good sense, was the place where Molfar  worked – perfect lights and sound support, supplemented by elements of props and filled with smoke effects, all those had really created the effect of a mystery and magic!

Корпоративний квест в Буковелі готель Редісон Блу

                розподіл по командахінтерактивні ігри

A highlight was the completion of the found treasure – chocolates with company logo and delicious champagne!

цукерки з логотипом компанії