Quest “What Lions are silent?”


Throughout existence, a symbol of respect and devotion to the city was a lion.
No wonder Leo is associated in the world with the Royal person among animals, and in Lviv: all the sights from time immemorial “guarded” lions.
There is a legend that all of these lions, and stone, and metal, and two-headed and the wings symbolize some people, prominent figures who have made а great contributions to the development of the city, in its culture and architecture, the lives of ordinary citizens.

Once a year, all these lions, and their over 5 thousand, turn into those people, who they represent and and begin disputing , who of them are more important and who most glorified his native town. Is said that this is the time you can discover many secrets of the city, which know neither the historians nor the magistrate. There is an assumption that these silent creatures know what is  is the main secret of the city – a mystery of its attractiveness and charm.

You, dear guests, have the opportunity to meet with prominent lions of the city and reveal their secrets, find out who is still most important and maybe to find a way to historical place – the leading secrets of the Lion city!