Video Quest: “Advertising Festival”


Continuing the topic of corporate entertainment we offer you another special script of corporative team rallying quest. We all know that in the summer, there are not only warm sunny days, but sometimes there are clouds and rain dripping – in this case, this game will be quite appropriate, because it requires being outdoors.

The game’s plot came from real life problems: every time the company releases new commercials there are people who consider that it need to be different… We offer to take part in the creative process with all participants: the group is divided into teams and gets the opportunity to create their own video “from scratch” – to work out a scenario, to create and distribute roles, usage of props, make a footage and give the complete material to a specially created assembly studio. In the evening, during a gala party everyone will participate in the contest for best video of the award winners. The party is in the style of movie awards, all elements of presentations and awards are present: artistic photo session for begining, red carpet, elements of pyrotechnics, fine music and the mass of surprises … Who knows – maybe just in your company somewhere deeply hidden original directors or movie stars and perhaps you are among the “shark pen” that will help create advertising “bomb” that will give a new impetus to the development of business!

відео квествідео квест