Corporate parties, themed events and events celebration

One means of maintaining a common information space, solving many problems of personnel policy and image of the company, the corporate spirit of support are corporate themed events! At the organization of such events should be keeping the atmosphere of informal communication, the holiday atmosphere – to solve many problems of corporate management.

In open areas, at your office, in clubs and restaurants, at all times and under all weather conditions – our company is ready to take responsibility for organizing your corporate event. We can do it, we can do it qualitatively, quickly, creatively, professionally, safely and spectacular!

Corporate New Year’s, celebration of the company’s day, themed corporate parties (“Day of the Defender”, “day woman”, a professional holiday, etc.), corporate children’s parties and corporate meetings family (family day) – all these activities are often organized by our company and successfully conducted.

In this paper, we perform the following tasks:

  • Development of scenarios and activities of private plans;
  • Selection of site for the event and ensure all necessary approvals;
  • Develop a logistics plan for the event;
  • The organization of co-operation with contractors and partner companies;
  • Providing a full range of equipment and requisite support of the event;
  • Ensuring food restaurant retreat;
  • Organization of activities in compliance with all established standards and requirements

We always remember that such events provide an opportunity to demonstrate the company’s size and corporate culture to support the corporate values. We are ready to assist you in dealing with other issues related to intangible motivated company staff, partners and customers. Never forget that the reason for organizing the event can be successful as the signing of the contract or the successful completion of the season, and many other events in the company. That is why we offer our regular customers support in the creation of the event and provide an effective its implementation.

Below we offer you the most popular subjects for a corporate party. Of course, each of them can be adapted to some group, and the conditions of the task. In addition, each party can be either more conservative or more active, all this will depend on your wishes:

historical parties in LvivHISTORICAL PARTIES

The idea of such parties rely on any historical events of the past, that is known by this team, or most interesting to play. This may be the Knights during the period of the Renaissance or Middle Ages. Also interesting to play and have recently become less distant past – “Party – Back in the USSR,” “America the time of Prohibition,” and others. The main scenario is to create the maximum mix of contemporary elements and historical events – as it were a fresh creative perspective on the events of those times.

Oscar style party in LvivMOVIE-PARTIES

Topics of such parties are divided into two variants: the first is a remix of a famous film – guests dressed in the clothes the characters of this film, playing environment and mini scenes from the movie, but it all comes back to a modern style with modern elements. Alternatively, you can play the selected movie with the help of participants, but with a certain correction of the script during a party is shooting the video, then editing, so to say “new” movie, and after presentation of his party. The second option is to recreate one of the biggest film event – the annual film awards – Oscar and Nick. Carried out the necessary pre-shot “characters” – the company’s employees under the appropriate category, mounted and presented short films at the party.

geographic party in LvivGEOGRAPHICAL PARTIES

This section uses the theme of travel in different geographical features – both countries (the Chinese party, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) and for individual places of residence (or Hawaiian beach party at the North Pole or the Equator). The highlight of the scenario is the use of elements such as cuisine, drinks, music, costumes, decoration of the hall or venue, the elements of shows, competitions and games on the subject.


The most popular of these party-style “12 chairs” to Ostap Bender, “Around the World in 80 Days” with Mr Fogh, from famous people – Casanova, Napoleon, Al Capone and many others.

Persona Grata Agency

Persona Grata Agency

fairy tale party in LvivFANTASTIC PARTY

Perhaps there is no adult who did not want to get back to his or her childhood, at least for a short period – a time of corporate parties. Adults aunts and uncles transform into images of your favorite fairytale characters – what could be the best occasion to rally the team than childlike, especially if it is really played by adults.

Persona Grata Agency

Persona Grata Agency

Persona Grata Agency


crazy party in LvivCRAZY PARTIES

No less popular at this stage are topics such as celebrating the new year at the height of summer heat and winter – in the Hawaiian-style party with sun loungers, cocktails and beach disco. You can have a party in the style of “loony bin” for the intellectual elite, or in the style of “kindergarten” for those over 30.

Persona Grata Agency

Persona Grata Agency


The greatest interest are topics that reflect the popular TV show, which filled our screens in recent times. “Ukraine has the talent,” “Dancing with the Stars”, a variety of culinary and musical shows – all you can play for one team.

Persona Grata Agency

Persona Grata Agency


Party in the style of “Cossack camp” or “Evenings on a Farm” – the maximum re-creation of elements and customs of the people of those times, but with a few modern inclusions, sprinkled with black pepper and baked in the oven Ukrainian – this bright theme for an interesting and fun company.

There are many ideas and themes, the mass of storylines. We have listed only a small part of the creative developments that may provide you with our team – Agency Persona Grata! Contact and you will not regret it, we will guarantee it.