Color Trends for Wedding spring/summer 2015


Spring and summer is a wonderful, warm and bright period for a memorable wedding reception. Because the nature itself gives us a lot of interesting possibilities for the holding of this event: welcoming ceremony in the green garden or on a beach shore, breathtaking landscapes, floral and fruity variety for decoration, etc.
And the most important point in the first stages of preparation and organization of the wedding is the choice of colors. The leading trend of so-called “colored wedding” came to us from the West as a kind of themed wedding.

This should, first of all, decide on a favorite color, what, in your opinion, will be the most appropriate in the party decorations. This color will be present in the clothes of the grooms and the guests, the invitations and table setting design, it is subordinate to all wedding accessories and attributes.
Thus, among the thousands of different colors and their shades, will focus on only three of them: Celestial blue, blue and vibrant turquoise. The wedding, which was in the proposed scheme will succeed extraordinarily beautiful, original , unique – holiday will be a bright tale, full of color and good mood.

Celestial Blue
The theme of this wedding will be very airy, light, soft. The name of color bringing us only the lightness and delicacy, because Celestial Blue – the color of the morning sky, when just beginning to grow light, this color is fragile, full of elegance and nobleness. It symbolizes purity, spirituality, excitement, honesty and kindness. So Celestial Blue wedding get most romantic, charming, graceful.
Correctly selected shades will make the carefree style of the bride, but at the same time endowed with amazing charm. Being gentle and subtle, Celestial Blue can be used as the basic tone for a wedding dress, but use a light translucent fabric. Traditionally-minded brides can choose a white dress and and complement it by air accessories in matching color. For the groom’s suit jacket is celestial blue color and the same buttonhole.
Celestial Blue goes well with white and pastel colors. For greater brightness and originality dilute its colorful shades such as red or purple.
Celestial Blue color is perfect for celebrations in sea or beach theme. Great idea – celebration on nature, for example, on a sandy beach.


Blue is considered a royal color, noble. Selecting the main note of this color – your wedding will be more solemn, majestic.
Fashionable are those shades of blue, dark blue, blue-blue, muted blue. It looks great in the design of weddings as a base shade as the holidays in the open and in luxury restaurants. But do not completely submerged in color, the most harmonious and successful blue shade will look in detail and combinations, especially with the classic white.
Be sure to take care of the dress code for the guests and tell them the color scheme of the wedding. This is especially true of groomsmen and bridesmaids!
In blue you can make attractive wedding, which will be endowed with a special elegance and grace. It will be interesting, not like the others and so that everyone will remember!)


Vibrant Turquoise
If you dare to add turquoise color in the design of your wedding, you will get a real explosion of bright colors! It’s hard to say which color belong turquoise, to green to blue or; it seemed chameleon – played dozens of shades.
The depth of color is impressive, and to combine with other colors provide endless support unities for experimentation, so you can make the wedding decoration specially creative and fancy.
Also remember that all details must be combined of wedding style. So prepare vibrant turquoise card and a plan for seating guests, invitations, album for the wishes, etc. Plus, do not forget the photo shoot, for which also purchase accessories at a similar tones and place the photo in this style.
Wedding in the turquoise color is ideal for those who want bright and gentle, unusual and beautiful wedding.


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