Corporate team building games



The game is a challenge for the automotive industry and modern automobile companies! Participants are divided into teams and receive special workpieces for the design and manufacture of cars of their own production. Each team must design a model of its own car in 2 hours, in which their captain will play the role of a pilot at the final stage of the game. In the finals, all the teams gather in the racing city and run the rally for the fastest model. The engine in each model will be the team itself, and the pilot of the car – the captain. The car of which the team will come to the finish the first will bring victory to the team.


Intellectual game. Teams receive a special requisite, using which, each team must make a solid mechanism – each element of the requirements must play a role for a common cause – the chain reaction of the mechanism will be created. That is something similar to the “domino” principle – every preceding thing should give an impetus to the next thing. The team will do it the best that the team is going to win.


The group is divided into teams and each team gets the task: with the piece of the sketch to draw a picture by yourself. No one knows the full image. The team must use the requisite to draw a given particle of the general composition. Each team picks up a part of the picture and then makes the full image of the composition in the final task like puzzles. Every team is observed by an artist-animator, who helps and shows how to use the tools for drawing.
In the final, a general picture of the drawings will be created by all teams.


There are rumors that more than 500 years ago on these lands there was a sea, and in particular, there was a bay in this area and here lived the real pirates who after long hikes moored their ships not far in a place known more as the Adventure Bay, where they counted and divided the conquered goods. But once near this Bay on the board of the ship of one of the most famous pirates named Wild Morgan, there was a terrible rebellion because of the enormous treasure they carried after the defeat of a whole squadron of the royal ships. It is said that as a result of this rebellion, the captain of the ship died, and the ship sank but part of the team, more precisely those who survived, hid his treasure somewhere around the bay and left, each on his own way, to continue their glorious conquest. After these events, nobody saw them anymore. So many treasure hunters tried to find this treasure, dug around everywhere they could, rang out with special vehicles of the shore and the water bottom. But everything was useless!
And so recently, with the construction of a recreation center, an old chest was found with a treasure, but it is closed with many castles. Only those who can build their “ship”, go to the other shore and undergo a trial to become the young-pedestrians-pirates and get keys from the locks of this chest can open it.


Whoever played bowling at least once has probably never thought about how the bullet feels when it is kicked out. We offer all wishing to try these feelings.
The platform is equipped as a true bowling competition, with only a small difference – the ball will be three meters in diameter with the participant inside! Teams will shoot down skittles appropriate size.


This is such an enlarged version of the well-known and popular game – table football. The rules remain unchanged. Participants can move only left-right, holding tight rope or crossbar. On both sides, there are gates opposite each other. Entertainment requires more coordination between players than its smaller version. This contributes to good teamwork – working together to score a goal and stay on their feet. But above all, it’s just hilarious and fun! The game can take 14 participants simultaneously.