Corporate entertainment, teambuilding

adventure quests and games

Adventure quests and games,

role play and action games

More and more often corporate leisure is used not only as a tool for motivating creativity and an ability to improve the atmosphere in the team, but also as an element of corporate culture that enhances the performance of the team, organizes the team spirit, promotes teambuilding with the help of nonconventional methods and gives rise to new creative achievements of the company as a whole.

The most interesting ways to achieve these objectives are specially designed programs for leisure in the form of adventure quests and games, role plays and action games. Often these programs may be the part of corporate events like seminars, conferences, thematic or any other corporate events. But along with this there are purposeful programs of summer corporate entertainment (open air) – as programs which are a part of general corporate culture.

We offer the following active recreation programs to companies:

role play and action games «Folk Olympics»

– this is a set of intellectual, sports and entertaining, cheerful and funny tasks which do not require special physical training. They are held in the form of the ingenious game with elements of command training. Besides the team creativity in these programs one can also find genuine amusement. Folk Olympic Games are divided into:

– the original game programs in open terrain;

– non-extreme quests with a variety of transport (bicycles, scooters, roller skates, quad bikes, etc.);

– action games with elements of water obstacles;

– activities which are based on funny and comic scenario.

adventure quests « The Chest with Adrenaline »

– nothing unites people as much as communion with nature, especially in extreme conditions. The ability of the team to think rationally and to find the way out of difficult situations, mutual assistance – these are some of the qualities which participants will require to win the game. “The Chest with Adrenaline” is a scenario game in the form of a quest with elements of adventure tourism. All items are related to the overall game plot: completing definite team tasks, which are at each site and earning bonuses at the same time, the team moves to the main goal. Bonuses are necessary to perform the final team task. Scenarios to each game are created individually, taking into account the group, customer wishes, and other criteria. Programs under the general title “The Chest with Adrenaline” can be related to the next plots:

– “Claustrophobia” – perform in the dark;

– “Fort Boyard – Remix” – competition in a separate building (an old castle, abandoned factory, etc.)

– ” Spiders’ Academy” – with elements of intellectual competitions and “rope course”

– “Carpathian Installations” – “obstacle course” in the Carpathian mountains.

role play and action games « Special Programs »

– these are specially designed programs for small groups. Following proposals may be included in such events:

– «Rafting down the Dniester on inflatable boats»

– “Rafting” down the mountain river

– «Sky-gliding master class»

– Bench shooting competition

– Travel to Earth’s centre – a program with elements of Speleology

– Paintball and airsoft competitions

– Journey on a hot-air balloon

– Flights on small capacity airplanes.