Adrenaline Mix

сплав на катамаранах гірською річкою

Rafting on catamarans mountain through river Black Cheremosh from passing basic thresholds.

Berdy, Dzembronya, Huchok, Hooke – each of the thresholds has its own “character” and “excitment”. Although they are always changing each other with a new one. Threshold “Gray mare” today is not complexity anymore, and about its former character we can only hear the stories from elders. But all thresholds are united with a sense of satisfaction from the successful passage, a sense of respect and control of water.

проходження порогів чорного черемошуактивні вихідні на чорному черемоші

Especially when you do not only know, but can, as a sailor, but yet not as a captain, when necessary to tighten or reject spout catamaran, according influencing its trajectory.

сплав чорним черемошемадреналіновий мікс - рафтинг чорним черемошем

… For rapids or climbing among the flow laterally over large stones often you can get on shafts. When studying  not to lose speed on shafts – when you feel the portion of energy that must be added, and it adds that – a pleasant experience, another victory over the character of the river (and on their own fatigue). But it was not immediately …

Difficulty: average

Rafting takes place on catamarans!

Rafting program:

• exit from the venue to the starting point of the rafting route;
• arrival at the location, safety training;
• rafting route;
• Stop for sandwiches, swimming in the river (optional);
• journey to the place of dinner;
• Picnic in nature;
• departure to Lviv

The price includes: transfer “recreation center – river – recreation center”, instructor services, insurance, software rafting, excursions along the route, rent water and general equipment, excursions along the route, insurance.

Not included: catering and meals (according to the agreed menu – calculated separately);

You need to have with yourself:

• warm jacket for the evening, variable shoes, tracksuit, preferably neoprene hydro suit

• hygiene items

• if necessary – a personal first aid kit.