Emotionally tour photo-quest “Six artifacts of the Lion city”


What beckons city Lviv? What is its uniqueness and originality?

Throughout history, those who were born, lived or visited Lviv wants to come back again. Even thoughts – again to love, admire them, leave unforgettable impressions and emotions!
And everyone wants to reveal its mystery. Residents and guests of the city have always been interested in one question – why he has such a charm and attractive location. How much research was conducted by scientists, historians, archaeologists, culture experts, art historians.
But no one could identify the main town artifacts that make up such an influence on others.

So we invite all concerned to learn new and mysterious of our city! You will have the unique opportunity to feel the full flavor and spirit of the city, revealing one of his secrets.

Find the 6 major artifacts – the brightest elements and cultural heritage (Landmarks, valuable monuments and ensembles), which are so attracted to this city again and again!