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There are legends from a long time ago, and there are also new ones, but no less mysterious and unique. It is said that once there was a house where famous Molfar (magician) lived. According to local beliefs, there are good and evil magicians. This Molfar was unique – he was both good and bad at the same time. He had an interesting hobby – to joke around and organize different pranks and amusing riddles. For a long time, no one could build a house there because the spirit of old Molfar was constantly present and “abused” people: he could hide some building tool, or close person in a room without letting him go … Old people say that there is an old legend. Once Molfar said:  if there is a man or few people who agree to solve all his mysteries riddles and endure all “bullying” then this person will receive a huge gift from him, therefore the magician would be able to rest peacefully and no longer joke around with poor people.


Throughout history, those who were born lived or visited Lviv want to come back here again. Even if just mentally – to admire, rejoice and love again. Those who leave the city – miss it afterward, while leaving all unforgettable moments and impressions behind. So we invite everyone who wants to discover something new and mysterious to visit our city!
Lviv … what beckons people to this city? What are its attractions and uniqueness? Everyone wants to reveal its mystery. And those who will figure it out will gain happiness! If you want to be happy – then go ahead! Try guessing one of the secrets of the city of Lions – find the main artifacts that charm people again and again…
Residents and guests of the city have always been wondered – why it has such a charm and attractive location. Sometimes it seems like there are a lot of mythical sirens here which make travelers return over and over again… If you only knew how many researchers were conducted on this basis! However, no one could identify the main city artifacts that have such a strong influence on people.


Throughout the existence of Lviv, the lion was a symbol of respect and devotion to the city.
No wonder it is equated in the world to the Royal person among animals. It’s the same for the city: all places of interest were always “guarded” by lions.
There is a legend that all of these lions, stone and metal ones, two-headed and with the wings, symbolize some people, prominent figures who have made great contributions to the development of the city, its culture, and architecture, the lives of ordinary citizens.
Once a year, all these lions (over 5 thousand) turn into people which they represent and start disputing, who is more important and who made a greater impact on the city. It’s said that this is the time when you can discover many secrets of the city, which are known neither to the historians nor to the magistrate.
Dear guests, you have the opportunity to meet prominent lions of the city and reveal their secrets, find out who is the most important and maybe to find a way to a real historical place – the leading secret of Lion’s city!



The plot of the quest is based on ancient legend of the golden treasure of Lion’s city and where to find it: it’s known that once there was a map with location of the treasure but eventually, for reliability reasons, it has been cut into many pieces and hidden, as stated in one manuscript, “somewhere around Lviv lions”. Many treasure hunters were digging the area and even overturned poor lions, but it was useless … This led to some inconvenience for citizens. There was a rumor that it was just a beautiful legend that had no real basis and then over some time “gold fever” abated. Lviv city council even issued a special law that obliged to preserve the peace of Lviv lions.
But everyone is still searching for places where there are lions left or their possible location in the past. Some officials, under the guise of repairing the streets, dug them while personally watching the workers, in order them not to find some pieces of the map accidentally and take it to themselves. But all the searches were not successful.