Hand-Made Tour to the White Croats

в гості до білих хорватів!

To plunge into the depths of old age and get closer to pristine nature, you do not need a time machine! Beauty and uniqueness are very close. Now you will be able to visit the fort of the Slavic capital of the tribe of White Croats, that once was such a “metropolis” of pagan temples, forts and fortresses.

White Croats are very hospitable and courteous; usually they worked on the land, and also some locals were craftsmen. We can visit the latest  “artisans” here!!!

екскурсія до стільського городищаекскурсія в стільськоактивний відпочинок у стільському

In the ninth century White Croats settlement near the present village Stilsko (Lviv region) was the metropolis of fortresses and fortifications pagan temples. In the city lived more than 40 thousand people. The main town of White Croats occupied 250 hectares (for comparison – Kyiv then occupied 9.7 hectares). The city had a strong system of fortifications – there are still large stones hanging over the cliffs. We can see survived pagan shrines, carved in the rocks. A settlement that we are going to visit, lies on the hills just outside the village.

White Croats worked on the ground, hunted and fished, some were craftsmen. That’s why we suggest you to visit the hand-made circle on a background of wonderful nature to approach the White Croats a little bit closer …

Minimum number of group – 15 people.